Important Maps of History and Geography - Class 10 SST 2022-23

Important Maps of History and Geography - Class 10th SST

This year CBSE has changed its syllabus. There is also a slight change in the map questions of class 10 CBSE. The map questions asked in CBSE is of 6 Marks. These are the easiest questions for the class 10 students. you can easily score good marks in this by studying only these questions provided here. Students should practice locating different places on the political map of India. The map questions in CBSE Class 10 Social Science paper are asked to test a student’s ability to observe and analyse the hidden content on the map.

Here I have provided the most important maps for class 10 board exam. To help students easily point out the places or regions on the map, I have pointed these maps points on the map. So, you can easily revise all the important maps questions. Here is the complete list of important maps of history and geography class 10. It takes only a few minutes to revise all these map questions and you will be able to get full marks in class 10 map questions.

Important Maps of History Class 10

From History, there will be 2 marks questions which will be from the chapter: Nationalism in India. For this, you don't have to worry we have provided you the most important map questions of class 10 history. The questions will come from the following topics: Important Congress sessions and the Nationalism movement took place in India. Go through these two maps of history you can easily score full marks in maps questions of History class 10.

1. Important Congress session

  • Here you should point out all important congress sessions that took place in India. You should also learn year and place names so you will be able to point them out easily. If you are not able to remember the exact place then you can simply point it out in the same state. That means the State is more important. so you have to only learn the Session Year and place.

2. Important Nationalism movement took places

Here you have to learn a total of 7 important movements that took place in India. make sure you will be able to answer the incident name with the place of occurrence. Out of these places, one place will surely come into your examination.

Important Maps of Geography Class 10

Now come into Important Maps of Geography class 10. There are a lot of maps questions can come from this book. Out of those we are providing you the most important one. Most of these questions repeat. For the preparation of maps, do practise in the political map of India. Political Maps give you a complete location where the content actually lies.

3. Maps of "major Soil types" (Geography) Class 10th

  • Here you have to shade some parts in the map of India to point out the regions where the following crops are grown. 

4. Major Producer States Of Jute, Cotton, Rubber, Sugarcane, Tea, Coffee

  • Be care full while pointing out these areas as this topic is very confusing so only mark those regions where you are confirmed

5. Major Rice growing areas

  • Eastern regions are famous for rice growing as rain is important for the production of rice.

6. Major wheat growing areas

  • The western part of India is famous for production of wheat. Wheat does not need much water.

7.Important Major Iron Ore Mines

8. Major Cotton textile Industries

9. Nuclear Power Stations

10 . Major Sea Ports

11. Airports:

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