Green Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Green Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Class 10 Employability Skills Unit 5: Green Skills Questions and Answers. In this chapter, you will discuss the basics of green skills that means development without harming nature. You will learn sustainable development concepts. After completing the chapter go through these questions to test your learning. Green Skills of Employability Skills Class 10 has many concepts related to sustainable development. Here you will get Most Important MCQs of Unit 4 Green Skills of Class 10. Go through these subjective Questions of Employability Skills Important Question Answers. This will definitely help you to score good marks in class 10 board examination.

Green Skills MCQS Question And Answer

1. How many sustainable development goals are given by the United Nations? 

(a) 18 
(b) 17 
(c) 15 
(d) 20 

2. Choose the option which defines sustainable development. 

(a) Taking care of future generations 
(b) Taking care of only ourselves 
(c) Taking care of ourselves and the future generations 
(d) Well-being of all 

3. Which organisation has made the Sustainable Development Goals. 

(a) United Nations 
(b) League of Nations 
(d) World Health Organisation

4. Which of the following sources of energy is from a renewable source? 

(a) Solar energy 
(b) Wood 
(c) Coals 
(d) Petrol 

5. Choose the option which is not a sustainable development goal according to the United Nations. 

(a) Clean Water and Sanitation 
(b) Gender Equality 
(c) Population
(d) Reduced Inequalities

Subjective Questions of Green Skills Class 10

1. What is the meaning of sustainable development? 

Sustainable development is the development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being

2. Why do you think the United Nations has made the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

The 17 SDGs have been made to take care of important issues facing businesses, governments and society. Some of these issues are poverty, gender equality, water use, energy, climate change and biodiversity. Countries are now making policies and regulations that will promote sustainable systems needed in all economic sectors to provide a 
secure, affordable and sustainable economy. 

3. List some ways in which we can use resources sensibly

We can become responsible for our own environment by 
1. reusing paper, glass, plastic, water, etc. 
2. taking cloth bags to market carrying fruits and vegetables. 
3. donate things we do not use such as clothes, books, furniture, food, etc. 
4. Buy and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables from local growers. 
5. Repair leaking taps and pipes to avoid wasting water. 
6. Sort and treat garbage before disposing of.

4. Explain the importance of education on sustainable development.

Education is the most important factors for sustainable development. Children who have gone to school will be able to do jobs so that they can take care of themselves and their families. Education helps us become aware of our role as a responsible citizen. We should 
1. use the facilities present in our areas. 
2. take our friends to school. 
3. help friends study. 
4. stop friends from dropping out of school. 

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