Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills Class 9 Notes PDF Download

 Unit 2: Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills 

CBSE Class 9 IT Code 402 Notes PDF

CBSE class 9 IT CODE 402 Notes PDF Download Free. Here we are providing notes of Unit 2: Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills Class 9. The notes are prepared by expert faculty of platinum classes youtube channel. Unit 2: Data entry and Employability Skills is a very important chapter for class 9. Information Technology code 402 is a vocational course in which you have to study 2 books. Employability Skills class 9 contains 5 chapters. The second book also contains 5 chapters. Here we have provided the best Notes to learn this chapter easily.

Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills Notes PDF Download

The most prevalent text-based input device is the keyboard. Computer keyboards are just like typewriter keyboards, however, they have more keys. There are usually more than 100 keys on a keyboard. A single symbol is assigned to each key on a keyboard. Some symbols need the simultaneous or sequential pressing and holding of many keys. It allows you to type in alphabets, numbers.

The touch typing method is a typing method without using your sense of sight to find the keys. No need to search for the key while typing, all you have to do is move your finger to press a key.

Typing speed generally improves with practice. The typing speed is often increased gradually and speeds of 60 WPM (words per minute) or higher may be achieved. the speed of speed increase varies between individuals. Many websites and software products (e.g., Rapid Typing Tutor) are available to find out typing and plenty of of those are free. There is much such software available which are freed from cost and are customised to be told typing efficiently and effectively.

Keyboards are also used for computer games, either with normal keyboards or by using keyboards with special.

IT CODE 402 Unit 2 Class 9 Notes PDF 


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