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Basic ICT Skills Class 10 MCQ Questions

CBSE class 10 Board Examination Term 1 is going to start. Here we are discussing Class 10 IT CODE 402 MCQ questions. CBSE class 10 Basic ICT Skills MCQ. The most important MCQs on Basic ICT Skills is provided here. Practise all these questions of employability skills unit 3: Basic ICT Skills to get good marks in the subject. All the questions provided here are very important for your board examination. These all questions are selected questions of Basic ICT Skills class 10 MCQ.

Unit 3: Basic ICT Skills Class 10 MCQ

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Q1.The concept of  ICT refers to ...........
A) storing digital information.
B) recording digital information.
C) sending digital information
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q2. Which of the following ways are used to record or store information?
A) handwritten on paper
B) written using a typewriter
C) typed in computer
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q3. Deleted files and folders are stored in _______________
A) Recycle bin
B) My Computer
C) Control Panel
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q4. Which icon allows the user to access all drives, files, and folders on the computer.
A) Recycle Bin
B) Computer
C) Application
D) Start button
... Answer (B)

Q5. Bar present at the bottom of the desktop is called ____________
A) Status bar
B) Scroll bar
C) Taskbar
D) None of the above
... Answer (C)

Q6. Start button is present on _________ side of the Taskbar.
A) right
B) left
C) top
D) bottom
... Answer (B)

Q7. What are the small pictures on the desktop called?
A) Desktop
B) Symbols
C) Icons
D) Pictures
... Answer (C)

Q8. The first screen that appears on monitor after loading OS is called ________________
A) Icons
B) Desktop
C) Wallpaper
D) None of the above
... Answer (B)

Q9. Software piracy refers to
A) Stealing software and distributing the unlicensed copies
B) Opensource software
C) Gain access to a website and perform illegal activity
D) Selling software online with a proper license key
... Answer (A)

Q10. Which of the following is one of the security measures that monitor incoming and outgoing data?
A) Firewall
B) Firewall
C) Device Manager
D) Google Chrome
... Answer (A)

Q11. Choose the strong password out of the following:
A) 12345
B) Aprfd@2021!
C) hello123
D) password
... Answer (B)

Q12. The virus replicates itself and spread all files once they attack the computer and very difficult to remove them. This virus is known as...........
A) Trojan Horse
B) File Virus
D) Ransomware
... Answer (C)

Q13. Rakesh received a call and was informed about the lottery for winning a huge amount. This type of activity is considered as............
A) Trojan Horse
B) Online Predator
C) Internet Scams
D) Encryption
... Answer (C)

Q14. What type of care should be taken while transacting online?
A) Always lock your computer when you are going away
B) Give credit card and debit card or UPI information on secured sites
C) Save the passwords on the cloud
D) Use pirated software
... Answer (B)

Q15. Which of the following trap small children into inappropriate relations?
A) Online predators
B) Worms
C) Trojan Horse
D) Anti-Virus
... Answer (A)

Q16. Examples of Mobile operating Systems is :
A) Android
B) Symbian
C) iOS
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q17. All of the above
A) Graphical User Interface
B) Graphical User Interaction
C) Graphical User Interactive
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q18. ________________ operating system is an example of an interactive operating system.
A) Windows
C) Linux
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q19. Which of the following is Microsoft Product?
B) Windows
C) Android
D) Linux
... Answer (B)

Q20. DOS stands for ______________
A) Disk Operating System
B) Dot Operating System
C) Disk Open System
D) Disk Operating Secure
... Answer (A)

Q21. Which part of the computer system should be cleaned so that it can work properly?
A) Internal
B) External
C) Both internal and external
D) None of the above
... Answer (C)

Q22. Disk defragmentation help to
A) remove the virus from the system
B) use the disc space at an optimal level.
C) Both of the above
D) None of the above
... Answer (B)

Q23. We should never spray any liquid cleaner directly on
A) Keyboard
B) Monitor
C) Mouse
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q24. Regular maintenance of the system includes
A) installing updates of the software
B) check the security of the system
C) taking backups of important files and documents
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q25. Characteristics of computer virus is :
A) it makes copies of itself
B) it makes the system slow.
C) it may get activated at a certain date and time.
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q26. How can an anti-virus protect your device?
A) It can protect it from over-heating.
B) It can increase its performance.
C) It can protect against the virus
D) It can backup data.
... Answer (C)

Q27. Which of the following is an Antivirus?
A) Norton AntiVirus
B) Quick Heal
C) McAfee VirusScan
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q28. A computer virus cannot ____
A) infect files on CD or DVD, if they are closed for writing.
B) infect computer hardware like, keyboard, mouse, etc.
C) Both of the above
D) None of the above
... Answer (C)

Q29. A _________ is a software program that attaches itself to other programs and alters their behaviour.
A) Cookie
B) Computer virus
C) Firewall
D) None of the above
... Answer (B)

Q30. Press ______ to select all files.
A) Ctrl + S
B) Ctrl + A
C) Ctrl + D
D) Ctrl + P
... Answer (B)

Q31. Identify which of the following is a temporary file?
A) flower.jpg
B) temporary.doc
C) temporary.docx
D) web.tmp
... Answer (D)

Q32. . ___________ are small files which are stored on a user’s computer when a user visit a website on the internet.
A) Image
B) Cookies
C) Firewall
D) None of the above
... Answer (B)

Q33. To open Temp folder type ____________ in Run dialog box.
A) temp%
B) %temp%
C) #temp#
D) None of the above
... Answer (B)

Q34. ________ key helps to move the cursor to the beginning of a new line.
A) Ctrl + Home
B) Ctrl + End
C) Enter
D) None of the above
... Answer (C)

Q35. Pressing ____________ key opens the Start menu.
A) Windows
B) Alt + Windows
C) Ctrl + Windows
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q36. The short cut key to open a new file in notepad is
A) ctrl + e
B) ctrl + n
C) ctrl + w
D) alt + n
... Answer (B)

Q37. The ________ function key is used to get help in most programs.
A) F12
B) F2
C) F3
D) F1
... Answer (D)

Q38. Enter your username and password, I allow opening your computer to work upon
A) Power On Self Test
B) Welcome Screen
C) Desktop
D) Login Screen
... Answer (D)

Q39. Which of the following programs starts as soon as the computer gets turned on?
A) MS Office
B) Text Editor
C) Text Editor
D) Windows Explorer
... Answer (C)

Q40. Which of the following is considered as ICT device?
A) Smart TV
B) FM radio
C) Tablet
D) Multimeter
... Answer (C)

Q41. Shortcut to save file is ________________
A) Ctrl + S
B) Ctrl + F1
C) Alt + S
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q42. A __________ is a location where a group of files can be stored.
A) folder
B) main file
C) super file
D) none of the above
... Answer (A)

Q43. The extension of image file is _____________
A) .xls
B) .jpg
C) .doc
D) .docx
... Answer (B)

Q44. Electronic files in computer can be ____________
A) Copied
B) Moved
C) Rename
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q45. We can ___ a file by mouse by double click on file.
A) Close
B) Save
C) Open
D) Delete
... Answer (C)

Q46. A _____________ is a device that you can use to move, select and open items on your computer screen.
A) Mouse
B) Joystick
C) Scanner
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

Q47. Navigation keys are
A) Arrow Keys
B) Page Up
C) Page down
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q48. Keys labeled from F1 to F12 are __________ keys
A) Input
B) System
C) Function
D) Help
... Answer (C)

Q49. Which of the following is an output device?
A) Monitor
B) Speaker
C) Printer
D) All of the above
... Answer (D)

Q50. BIOS stands for
A) Basic Input/Output System
B) Base Input/Output System
C) Basic Input and Output Systematic
D) None of the above
... Answer (A)

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