RDBMS (Database Management System ) Class 10 Notes Pdf

Unit 3: Relational Database Management System

RDBMS Class 10 Notes PDF

1. Introduce with LibreOffice Base

  • What is Base, LibreOffice Base for database Management
  • Types of database - flat and relational database
  • Planning for Database Creation
  • Sections of main database window: Database, Tasks, and List
  • Options to create a new database using the Database Wizard
  • Options to open an existing database using the Database Wizard
  • Database objects - tables, queries, forms, and reports of the database
  • Terms in the database - table, field, record
  • Steps to create a table using table wizard
  • Major steps - Select fields, Set types and formats, Set primary key, Create a table
  • Field information - type, entry required (Y/N), Length
  • Various data types in Database
  • Primary key and option to set the primary key
  • Table Data View dialogue box

2. Enter or remove data using the Table Data View dialogue

  • The process to open the Table Data View dialogue box
  • The process to enter data into an empty table and empty cell
  • Steps to Modify data in a cell of a table
  • Steps to Delete data from a table
  • Two ways to open the wizard for creating a form
  • Steps to create the form using Form Wizard - Select the fields from the table to form, Set up subform, add subform fields and get joined fields, Arrange the controls of the form, Select the data entry mode, Apply the style of a form, Set the name of the Form
  • Options to enter or remove data from forms
  • Options to enter or remove data from individual controls
  • Form Navigation toolbar
  • Options to delete records in a form

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  1. Is this enough or anything more to study cause I am fully depended on you for my IT so should I study anything extra other than your notes pls reply

    1. This is absolutely complete notes. But if if you want to read more then consider the notes given by CBSE officially. It is also presented in our website.