Case Study Questions Class 10 Maths with Solutions PDF Download

 Case Study Questions Class 10 Maths PDF

In class 10 Board Exam 2021, You will find a new type of case-based questions. This is for the first time when you are going to face these type of questions in the board examination. CBSE has introduced these types of questions to better understand each chapter of class 10 maths. We have analysed CBSE Sample Paper 2021 and we found many changes in the sample paper. The main change observed is Case-Based Questions. We are providing you with the Key points to solve case-based questions of class 10 Maths. These key points are very important to solve the questions. In this article, you will find the changes made in the new pattern of 2020-21. By going through these PDFs they can prepare very effectively for class 10 Board Exam 2021.

Case Study Questions Class 10 Maths with Solutions

This year CBSE has introduced many MCQ questions for class 10. When we talk about Mathematics, there will be some Case-Based questions. In these type of questions, there will be given a paragraph. When you look at the paragraph for the first time you will find it like a story. Based on the paragraph there will be some MCQ questions that you have to solve. There will be 5 case-based questions in class 10 mathematics. Each Question will have 5 MCQs based on the paragraph. Out of 5, you have to solve 4 MCQ questions.

Case Study Questions Class 10 Maths CBSE Chapter Wise PDF Download

How to Solve Case-Based Question in Maths?

The first question arises in students mind is how to solve Case Study questions. You can easily score good marks on this topic. You need only conceptual knowledge of the topic. Here, we have provided some tips to solve these questions very easily. Follow these simple tricks to solve Case-based question.

  • First of all, a student needs to read the complete passage thoroughly. Then start solving the question
  • After reading the question try to understand from which topics the question is asked. and try to remember all the concepts of that topic.
  • Sometimes the question is very tricky and you will find it very difficult to understand. In that case, Read the question and passage again and again.
  • After solving the answer check your answer with the options given.
  • Remember, write only answering your answer book

Link to Download Case-Study Questions of class 10

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