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Information Technology Class 10 Code 402 New Revised Syllabus 2021-22

CBSE has now released the New Revised Syllabus for IT Code 402 Class 10. Many things are new to this Syllabus. As we know, this year CBSE has decided to take the examination in two terms. This year the whole syllabus is divided into 2 terms. It is necessary to know the right syllabus before starting your preparation.

Information technology code 402 has two books. The first one is Employability Skills and the second one is Subject Specific Skills. Both books are compulsory in each term. The main change is that chapters are divided into two terms. So, it is very easy for students to learn in parts.

Detailed Analysis of Syllabus 2021-22 [Theory 50 Marks]

Marks Distribution

Theory Papers will consist of a total of 50 Marks in the board examination. Term 1 will have 25 marks and term 2 will have 25 marks.

IT code 402 Class 10 Books for 2021-22

There are 2 books prescribed in your syllabus. Both are compulsory. EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS and SUBJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS. 

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Syllabus for Term 1 [25 Marks]

From Part A Employability Skills Book 3 chapters will come in Term 1 which will consist of 5 Marks.

Unit 1. Communication skills

Unit 2. Self Management Skills

Unit 3. Information and Communication Skills

From Part B Subject Specific Skills Book 3 chapters will come in Term 1. A total of 20 marks is allotted.

Unit 1. Digital documentation

Unit 2. Electronic spreadsheet

Syllabus for Term 2 [25 Marks]

There are 2 chapters from Part A that will come in Term 1. The total mark is 5.

Unit 4. Entrepreneurial Skills

Unit 5. Green Skills

2 chapters from Part B will come in Term 2. The total mark is 20.

Unit 3. Database Management System

Unit 4. Web Application And Security

Part C: Practical Work [Total 30 Marks]

Practical Examination: 3 questions will be asked in the examination which will consist of 20 marks.

Viva Voce: Oral questions will be asked based on the practical. It will fetch you 10 marks.

Part D: Project Work and Practical File [Total 20 Marks]

Project Work: Any case study type project work will be given. It will have 10 Marks

Practical File: A printout of all the practicals done in school should be submited. It will also have 10 Marks.

How to Download Information Technology Code 402 Syllabus [PDF]

You can download a PDF of the syllabus from the official website.

1) Go to CBSE Academics official website

2) Now go to Skill Education

3) Click on Curriculum. Here you will find all PDFs

4) Now save the PDF

Note: You can download the official PDF from here. Click Here

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