Information Technology Code 402 Class 10 Solutions

 Class 10 IT CODE 402 Solutions

Solution of Class 10 IT Code 402 according to new syllabus 2020-21. In this article, you will find class 10 it code 402 solutions. As you all know that this year CBSE has changed many things in IT CODE 402 so it is very much necessary that you will get the right study materials for your academics. Here we are providing you with the solutions of class10 IT code 402. First of all, read complete notes and then move on to the Questions and answers segment. This will help you to understand the complete chapter in a very easy way. 

In This article, you will get Complete Solution both Part A and Part B

Part A: Employability Skills Solution

In part A: Employability Skills there are 5 chapters that carry 10 Marks in the board examination. Here We are providing a complete solution for Employability skills class 10. Given Below are some links to the solution of all chapters of Employability Skills.

Unit 1: Communication Skills

Unit 2: Self Management Skills 

Unit 3: ICT Skills                 

Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills 

Unit 5: Green Skills 

Part B: Subject Specific Skills Solution

Part B: Subject Specific Skills has a total of 4 chapters that Gives 40 Marks. So, read all the questions very sincerely because this is the most important part to score maximum marks in class 10 Information Technology Code 402.

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Unit 1- Digital Documentation

Wait! Wait! please do check the Answers to These questions also

Should we start with Question and Answer?
No, the answer is very clear you should not start with Q/A. First of all, you should read the notes provided by CBSE this will give you a complete idea of what is in the chapter and then you can start solving questions that help you to know how much you have grasped the knowledge.

Is Q/A provided here to score full marks?
In this question, we can clearly say that these Solution of IT Code 402 provided here is prepared by expert faculty. So, you can rely on this, these are very useful to prepare for board examination.

Is it according to the new Syllabus of CBSE Delhi?
Yes, of course, we are very much concerned about the Syllabus. In cracymycbse you will find only those contents which are truly for the board examination. We always try to provide you best quality study materials to ease preparation.

What happens if we get a problem in any question?
Don't worry we are here, if you find any problem with any of the questions then kindly put a comment or you can contact us directly at [email protected]

We need more questions?
We are continuously working to provide you with more and more study materials for Information Technology Class 10 code 402. We are updating question on regular basis. So keep calm, you will get enough materials to score the highest marks in IT Code 402 Class 10 CBSE.

What if we need Video Solutions?
So, here we have also provided Information Technology Code 402 Class 10 Solutions in video format. Visit our Youtube Channel to get free video lectures. Our youtube channel is PLATINUM CLASSES.

Here we have provided the solution of information Technology Class 10. These are very Important Questions for the examination. All the Answers are prepared under the guidance of qualified teachers. Learn all these answers. As you all know that after reading any chapter practising questions are very necessary this help you to boost your knowledge and test how much you have grasped the contents of the chapter.

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