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Download the notes of Information technology code 402 class 10 according to the new syllabus. In this article, we have provided you a PDF of all the chapters of IT Code 402 for class 10 for the Board Examination This year CBSE has released the revised syllabus for class 10. There are many changes introduced in the syllabus of class 10 for the Board examination 2023. There is a slight change in the course structure of almost all the subjects. CBSE has introduced a new pattern of question papers too in which they have to give an exam of only 80 marks in the final term and the remaining 20 marks will be awarded by the school in internal assessments. These changes might be useful for the students as this allows them to give the exam in a relaxed way.

CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus 2022-23 (new)

This year CBSE has introduced a drastic change in the syllabus of Information Technology Code 402 for class 10. There will be a new pattern for Information Technology Code 402 for class 10. The Information Technology subject in CBSE Class 10 is a revised version of the Foundation of Information Technology. That means the students who were reading Foundation of Information Technology now it is said to be as Information Technology Code 402.CBSE Class 10 Information Technology will help students with learning basic communication skills and computing technology.

The whole syllabus is divided into 2 parts


In this part, you are supposed to read about employability skills. There are 5 units in Employability Skills Class 10. In these units, you will learn some basic skills which will help you to get employed in various sectors. At first, you will learn

Unit 1: Communication Skills in which most of the effective methods of communication are explained. Then you are going to read about

Unit 2:  Self management Skills are very necessary to keep yourself managed in various situations of life.

Unit 3: Basic ICT Skills some common computer-related knowledge is shared. This includes some common operations of a computer and its maintenance.

Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills deals with the skills which are needed to become an Entrepreneur. You will get complete information about a good entrepreneur. In the last unit that is

Unit 5: Green Skills shares environmental-related skills with you. In this, unit you will get know about the importance of the environment in development. and how to develop things without harming nature. Sustainable development is the main topic you will see in this chapter which tells you not to harm nature for your current needs. We should conserve natural resources.

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Unit 1- Communication Skills

Unit 5- Green Skills


There are 4 parts in Part B of IT CODE 402 class 10. In these parts, you are going to learn some special computer knowledge which will definitely help you in many aspects. 

Unit 1: Digital Documentation deals with some very important concepts of documentation of data in digital platforms. here much useful information is shared to present the data in a very effective way.

Unit 2: Electronic Spread Sheet you will learn about spreadsheet and their concepts. 

Unit 3: Relational Database Management System is a very important chapter. RDBMS is used to store data in a very effective way. you can easily extract the data by filtering through various methods.

Unit 4: Web Applications And Security some very important security measures are given and also complete knowledge of Web Applications. So, by reading these chapters you have a command over many topics which are useful in general life

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Unit 1- Digital Documentation


Practical work will be given to check the learning outcome of these chapters. Practical work will be given before the final examination of the class 10th board. There will be an examination of practice that means you have to perform some activities on the computer. those questions will be from your textbook. You will have to face the VIVA-VOCE test also in some oral questions will be asked to ensure complete knowledge. So, in the practical examination, there will be a written test on the computer and also there will be an Oral test taken by the teacher.

Practical Examination
Written Test
Viva Voce


Project work will be given just before the examination. Here a project file is to be made with a given topic. Also, some oral questions will be asked by your teachers about your project. Those questions will be related to your project and they will be very simple.
Practical File / Student Portfolio
Viva Voce

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