Digital Documentation Class 10 IT CODE 402 Notes PDF

Unit 1: Digital Documentation IT CODE 402

Digital Documentation Class 10 Notes PDF

Digital documentation is a method of converting the physical text into digital text. This includes many formatting options to create beautiful and arranged documents. There are many styles and formatting options which also includes color changing and paragraph writing in the digital documents. You can use table options to create and store data in the table. Pictures can also be inserted in digital documents. So, in this chapter, you are going to read some important thing which helps to create an organized digital data. In class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 1: Digital Documentation you will learn many concepts of digital documentation. You can download the Notes in pdf format for free. Click the given below links and download pdf notes of Digital Documentation Class 10.

1. Apply Styles in the document

In this session, you are going to learn to apply different styles in documents. Styles are the various methods of presenting data. By using styles the document looks very informative and clear. This gives the user a very nice experience with the data. So, here some important top[ics are discussed like how to create and insert styles in digital documents. This includes some other options too like formatting window and loading styles from template.

  • Style categories in Writer.
  • Styles and Formatting window.
  • Fill Format.
  • Creating and updating new style from selection.
  • Load style from template or another document.
  • Creating a new style using drag-and-drop.
  • Applying styles.

2. Insert and use images in document

In Digital documents images can also be inserted. It helps you to explain the topic in a very effective way. To insert images in documents you have to select the image and insert it in the document. There are many options available such as modify, resize, crop, etc. you have plenty of options to manage the image. Drawing objects gives you a tool to create any objects given there. their size and colour can also be changed with the help of formatting option.

  • Options to insert image to document from various sources.
  • Options to modify, resize, crop and delete an image.
  • Drawing objects and its properties.
  • Creating drawing objects and changing its properties.
  • Resizing and grouping drawing objects.
  • Positioning the image in the text.

3. Create and use template

Templates are some pre-defined text formatting options. It is used for the convenience of the user. through this user can select the design and theme of the text formatting option. these are pre-defined and can be customised easily. It can also be used to create a well-managed texts.

  • Template in Writer.
  • Using predefined templates.
  • Creating a template.
  • Set up a custom default template.
  • Updating a document.
  • Changing to a different template.
  • Using the Template.

4. Create a table of contents

This option is very important and useful to create informative documents. By using Table option you can create a table and fill the information in tabular form. You can easily customize the table.  This is very useful for large data. Download this PDF to learn more about this.

  • Table of contents.
  • Hierarchy of headings.
  • Customization of table of contents.
  • Character styles.
  • Maintaining a table of contents.

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