CBSE Class 10 IT Code 402 Sample Paper 2022-23 PDF [Updated]

CBSE Class 10 IT Code 402 Sample Paper 

The Central Board of education (CBSE) has released new sample papers with a marking scheme for Board Examination 2023. The sample paper is released recently in September 2022. CBSE has released a sample paper of almost all the subjects. Board also released the Sample Paper of Class 10 IT CODE 402. Information Technology Code 402 Sample Question Paper 2023 is now released.

All these sample papers are prepared according to the new Syllabus. Now as the Sample paper is released It is the best time to get started for the examination. We recommend you to follow the new Sample Paper of IT CODE 402 This will surely help you a lot in your board examination. Now it is very easy to understand the pattern of the question paper of IT CODE 402 2023. By practicing with the new Sample paper of IT CODE 402 you will get a complete idea of the question paper pattern and also the marking scheme will help you to understand the way of writing a good answer.

Changes in Class 10 IT CODE 402 New Sample Paper.

As of Now Syllabus of most of the subjects of class 10 is divided into two Terms for the board Examination 2023. This pattern gives relief to the students. As most of the students are not getting complete education as before because of the coronavirus pandemic. CBSE has played a good role to give relief to the students of the Class 10 Board by dividing the syllabus into two terms.

In CBSE Class 10 IT Code 402 there is not such a big change in the new syllabus for 2022. Some of the chapters which were included in the previous year are not coming this year. As compared to the previous year’s the syllabus of Class 10 IT CODE 402 is reduced slightly.

The whole syllabus is divided into 2 parts.

  • Part A: Employability Skills: Here you have to read a total of 5 chapters. Unit 2, 3 and 4 for Board Exam theory.
  • Part B: Subject Specific Skills: There are 4 Chapters in the new Syllabus. All four will come in the Board Exam theory paper.
The total Marks in the Theory Paper are 50 Marks. In Practical and Project 50 marks are allotted.

How to use CBSE Sample paper 2022-23 IT CODE 402 to get full marks.

The sample paper is the blueprint of the question paper that you are going to get in the Examination hall. A sample paper is very important to check how is your preparation going on. You are also going to understand the format of questions that will be followed in the board examination. The CBSE marking scheme will help to understand the pattern of distribution of marks across different answers. 

The marking scheme is additionally useful to understand the proper criteria for writing appropriate answers for the exam. Thus, practicing with the new CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers is extremely important to reinforce your confidence to require one of the foremost important exams of your life.

Besides CBSE Syllabus 2022-23, CBSE Sample Papers 2022-23 for 10th are now the most important resources for the CBSE Board Exams 2022 preparation. With the new CBSE Making Scheme 2022-23, students will get an idea about How to write a good answer. Students will also get to know how the marks are distributed for a question. Writing or presenting answers on the examination answer sheet is also a good art and to prepare for that this marking scheme will surely help them.

How to Download CBSE Class 10 IT CODE 402 Sample Paper 2023

Download CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Sample Paper 2023 with a single click. We are providing you a Direct Link to download the Sample Paper Of IT CODE 402. You will get the PDF free of cost. CBSE has now been released on some of the subjects' sample papers. The sample paper of some of the subjects has not come yet. 

CBSE released new CBSE Sample Papers 2022-23 on 9th October and also issued a notification on its official website. New CBSE Sample Papers of a couple of subjects are unavailable and as per the small print, these sample papers are going to be available here shortly after a while. 

CBSE has mentioned that the remaining sample paper will be uploaded very soon on its official website. The Sample Paper of IT CODE 402 is released Now. Now CBSE IT CODE 402 Sample paper 2023 can be downloaded from the link below. You are provided with the Direct link to download the new sample paper 2023.

New Sample paper 2022-23 (download link - coming soon)

Marking Scheme 2022-23 ( download link - coming soon)

CBSE Class 10 IT CODE 402 Previous Year Questions

Download the previous year's question paper to understand the pattern of the question paper. This year some of the chapters from IT CODE 402 are changed. So I recommend you to wait for the official sample paper for the 2021 examinations. This will give you the exact IDEA of the examination. There is no change in Part A Employability skills so can study them from the previous year's question paper as well.

On this website, you will get all the notes and Important questions and answers along with previous year's questions of CBSE CLASS 10 Information Technology 402. All the notes and study materials are according to the new syllabus for 2023. All the study materials are provided by the PLATINUM CLASSES Youtube Channel. Subscribe to the PLATINUM CLASSES Youtube channel to get all the Video Lectures for free.


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