Class 9 IT Code 402 Notes | Emploaybility Skills

 CBSE Class 9 Information Technology Notes

Latest Notes according to the New Syllabus

Note: Part A is common for All Skill Subject courses

Part A: Employability Skills

Unit 1: Communication Skills

Unit 2: Self-Management Skills

Unit 3: ICT Skills

Unit 4: Entrepreneurship Skills (For Term 2)

Unit 5: Green Skills (For Term 2)

Part B: Domestic Data Entry job

Unit 1: Introduction to IT-ITeS Industry

Unit 2: Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills 

Unit 3: Digital Documentation (coming soon)

Unit 4: Electronic Spreadsheet (For Term 2)

Unit 5: Digital Presentation (For Term 2)

All links are updating very soon. 

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  1. Try to upload it as soon as possible it's very urgent
    1.Data entry and keyboard skills
    2. Information and Communication Technology skills
    3 digital documentation